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My College Roomie

The #1 roommate matching & self-selection software on planet earth.

My College Roomie is a student and resident social networking and roommate self-selection platform that provides both residents and staff with powerful tools to streamline, simplify, and improve the success rate of the roommate matching and assignments process.


MCR Integrates Seamlessly with other campus systems such as Housing and Leasing Software for Plug & Play ability.

Roommate Designer

Users identify what their ideal roomie is like (similar or different), and MCR shows them how closely other users match.

Customizable Process

Create Sub Populations within MCR to ensure students match within Programs, LLCs, Class, Floorplan or other factors.

Friends & Messaging

Students form friend groups and use private messages to interact, making MCR a tool that can be used year-round.

Mobile Applications

MCR has native iOS and Android Apps, is accessible worldwide, and is also accessible with assistive technology.

Living Agreements

Roommate Agreement Module allows students to collaborate on, complete and sign living agreements within MCR.

Social Networking

MCR is independent from other Social Networks, yet offers similar tools to aid in finding & networking with others.


Staff, RAs & others can use MCR’s suite of tools to engage students, message and post announcements.

Let us support your Diversity & Inclusion Mission

MCR can help you become a Leader in Diversity & Inclusion!

My College Roomie helps our partners achieve Diversity & Inclusion Milestones by:
  • Offering configuration options to support gender inclusivity and non-binary identity options.
  • Being ADA Compliant, allowing for easy use for students who use assistive technology. 
  • Tailoring each client’s Compatibility Questionnaire to be inclusive of all identities, as well as take into account allergies, service animals, emotional support animals, fragrance sensitivities and more.
  • Allowing clients the ability to include Diversity & Inclusion profile fields.
  • Being accessible by International Students, regardless of their location. MCR is accessible even in China, where many other social services are prohibited. 


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Ranked Matches

MCR ranks a user’s matches by Compatability, giving them a head start on their networking and roommate search efforts! Users may also search for others by common interest, major, keyword or name.

Informed Residents

Residents will easily know important factors of their process, including deadlines, group sizes, and which types of users they are able to match with.

Compatibility Questionnaire

Residents answer client-defined questions about both themselves, and also about how their ideal roommate(s) should answer, allowing MCR to assess Bi-Directional Compatability Scores.

Friends & Roommates

Residents build friend and roommate groups, making meaningful connections even prior to move in!

Realtime Chat

Residents may chat in realtime, with other residents, groups or staff members.

Living Agreements

Residents can collaborate on Living or Roommate Agreements to set and agree on realistic expectations for their time together.

Easy Resident Navigation

Students & Residents have a full suite of networking and matching tools within MCR to guide them along their roommate matching journey, coupled with machine-learning data to aid in the decision making process.

MCR easily supports key process both for On and Off Campus Housing.


MCR Proudly Integrates with:

Staff Designed Process 

Easily design and manage your institution’s process.

  • Customize Questionnaire, Branding and Invitation Emails
  • Create Match Groups by Class Status, Floor Plan, Room Type, LLC and more
  • Create and oversee the Roommate Agreement Process
  • Run reports for easy metrics and trends
  • Automatch based on true compatibility data
  • Seamlessly flow group data into your Housing or Leasing software
integrated process for web and mobile applications

Ready to see a demo?

“nearly 3 times as many students participated compared to our previous matching service”

“We just finished our first-year student room assignments, and it was our first year using My College Roomie. This year with My College Roomie, we had nearly 3 times as many students participate compared to our previous roommate matching vendor. We received fewer complaint phone calls after the assignments went out, too.  We are very pleased with the results!”

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