My College Roomie Reorganization & Acquisition

Scranton, PA – 10/29/2018

My College Roomie announced that, beginning January 1, 2019, it would be reorganizing under new parent company, Campus Kaizen, to also be owned and operated by My College Roomie CEO, Jason Sensi. Campus Kaizen was created in response to a line of business acquisition. My College Roomie will become a Division of Campus Kaizen, while its operation, support and commitment to helping students find amazing roommates will remain unchanged.

Campus Kaizen is also pleased to announce that it has acquired the Student Conduct line of business from strategic partner Adirondack Solutions Inc. This acquisition includes the rights to make product improvements for release in 2019. Further details on this will be released in early 2019.

Jason Sensi, Campus Kaizen’s CEO remarked, “Having a background in process engineering and continuous improvement, I’ve always enjoyed making things easier, cheaper and more effective for others. With My College Roomie, we focused our efforts on creating a user-friendly product that improved a process that has a large impact on the student college experience – selection of compatible roommates.

However, continuous improvement is just that: continuous. As such, we’re excited to use our expertise in streamlining processes and eliminating waste to create additional, value-added products to serve the higher education industry. We felt that it wouldn’t make much sense for My College Roomie to own products unrelated to roommate matching, and so we’ve create a new parent company, which we’ve named Campus Kaizen, that will own My College Roomie and all additional product divisions.

“Kaizen” is a Japanese term that is synonymous with “Continuous Improvement” in the Lean and Six Sigma Methodologies. Therefore, the term seemed to be a natural fit for a company committed to continually improving the operations of our higher education partners. I’m also proud to announce our acquisition of the Student Conduct line of business from our friends at Adirondack Solutions, and am truly excited to release more details on a game-changing new Conduct & Case Management solution in early 2019.”

Campus Kaizen is a global software solutions provider and continuous process improvement consultant organization. Their software specializes in roommate matching and student conduct/case management, and services include continuous improvement training and consulting “kaizen” events to help clients eliminate waste & increase efficiency in their business processes.