Happy customers.

My College Roomie has been an incredible asset to our housing program at Texas Woman’s University. In our short time with MCR, we’ve seen engagement and roommate matching almost triple with first year students, which speaks to the relevant and user friendly nature of the product. The icing on the case is the MCR Team, who are an incredible vendor to work with. The MCR Team provides quick response times and is always willing to go over and beyond. We look forward to working with MCR in the years to come.”

Chloe Jones

Texas Woman’s University

“In an effort to enhance our students’ experiences transitioning to college for fall 2018, our campus endeavored to revamp the process by which students find and select roommates. I knew I wanted something that was inclusive, accessible, and comprehensive for our diverse student population. This criteria lead us to what I believe is the only product out there that would meet all of our needs: My College Roomie. Over the last two years as we have implemented the use of My College Roomie for our students, I have been impressed with how the software meets the needs of our students as well as how helpful the staff behind the scenes are. The My College Roomie team takes great pride in the product they provide which results in great customer service to clients.”

Kathryn Magura

Oregon State University

“My College Roomie is super easy to navigate. It has a design that students are familiar with and students are able to use it without instruction. I have yet to field a single call from a students with questions on how to use the platform. My College Roomie addresses everything you could want for roommate matching as a housing professional. We investigated other platforms, but the ease of use, ability to customize, precise matching and integration with our housing software made My College Roomie an easy purchasing decision for me.”

Dave Campbell

East Stroudsburg University

“We just finished our first-year student room assignments, and it was our first year using My College Roomie. This year with My College Roomie, we had nearly 3 times as many students participate compared to our previous matching service. We received fewer complaint phone calls after the assignments went out, too.  We are very pleased with the results!”

Sue Visoskas

West Chester University

“Choosing My College Roomie has been a great decision for us at Southeast Missouri State. Having My College Roomie allowed us to provide a user-friendly tool for our students to meet one another, interact and self-select their chosen roommates. We have received positive feedback from our students that using My College Roomie helped ease their transitions to campus.”

Gwen Duncan

Southeast Missouri State University

“We looked at MCR for the features it offered. We chose MCR for their responsive service and people-oriented solutions to our questions.”

JT Cole

Boise State University

“Student achievement is a priority at Slippery Rock University. My College Roomie is designed to support the success of the student and provides the student autonomy with their housing selection. Housing and Residence Life is confident that through providing this additional support, and by having the opportunity to connect prior to move in, students will arrive on campus being more connected with their roommate(s) and neighbors of their on campus community and will ultimately impact overall retention at the University.”

Dan Brown

Slippery Rock University

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Happy students.
liv habs


“@MyCollegeRoomi I’m so glad I came across this site because it helped me find my roommate and it helped diminish my anxiety about the whole process”
lacey fox


“honestly @MyCollegeRoomi is the best thing bc i’d rather not be roomed with someone i’ve never talked to 😂”

Rachel Couch


“@MyCollegeRoomi I loved using this program to find a roommate! I am going to be moving pretty far away from home for college so I don’t now anyone going to the university that I am. With My College Roomie I am able to talk to other freshman and create friendships.”
Clair Johnson


“@MyCollegeRoomi was such a good idea! I found my new bestie on their website, and I’m so excited that I get to room with someone who is similar to me in all the perfect ways!”



“@MyCollegeRoomi I made some cool friends and actually met up with some of them who live near me. I also met many potential roommate candidates, and cool people who share the same interest as me career wise :)”



“I love how @MyCollegeRoomi is a place to find roommates like tinder but for roommates 😂”

 Ian R. Gibson


“I met my awesome roommate on @MyCollegeRoomi and it’s been totally cool to be able to know people at OSU before I move up there”



“@MyCollegeRoomi I honestly love this website because it has helped me open up and make friends via the internet. Even if we don’t become roommates I can still say that I’ve made a hand full of friends that I can’t wait to meet on campus.”



“even though I’ve already known who my roommate was going to be this whole year, I love using @MyCollegeRoomi to make new friends in the Honors College”



“@MyCollegeRoomi is an amazing program because it lets you talk to your potential roommates before you have to live with them”

Omar Taha


“I used @MyCollegeRoomie to find an awesome roommate at ECU.”



“@MyCollegeRoomi I have made a few friends through this program and highly recommend it for anyone looking to find a roommate or even just a friend :)”

Sarah Grant


“@MyCollegeRoomi has been so helpful for me to find people like me that are going to the same college as me. A truly awesome site.”



“@MyCollegeRoomi is such a great way to find a roommate or even meet new people! Best part is it super easy to use 😄”



“@MyCollegeRoomi ha Has helped my awkward self branch out and find new friends. Going to a new school is scary but they’ve helped me become more confident oin the move.”

Colin TaylorMays


“My College Roomie has helped me connect to so many rad people that I’m interested in rooming with. Totally ready for college now. @MyCollegeRoomi”



“Thanks @MyCollegeRoomi for helping me find my new OU roomie!! #OHOhYeah 💚🐾”

Alice Shmiesing


“@MyCollegeRoomi yo thanks for making the roommate search super easy and not so stressful”

Anna Scott-Ristow


“I’m using @MyCollegeRoomi to try and find a roommate!! I’m officially an Ohio Bobcat!! I need to make friends!! Lol”



“@MyCollegeRoomi is truly a blessing to upcoming freshman! As someone who is terrified of being alone on campus, I am so relieved to have met so many new friends on My College Roomie I know these friendships will last a life time and I can’t wait to meet them in person”

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