Compatibility is a hard thing to put our arms around.


Most of us don’t end up marrying the first person we meet, date, or look at. Rather, we often take a lot of time (sometimes a LOT of time) vetting potential suitors and digging deep before making that big decision, and often need to sift through a lot of “No’s” before arriving at a solid “Yes.”

Why? Because the person (or people) you spend the most time with can have a major impact on your life, such your mood, attitude, health, finances, goals, and overall happiness. Because that impact can be amazingly good, or it can be awfully bad. Because a good “match” can be key to a happy life. So why do we spend so much time and effort finding the right match? Because compatibility with another human being is not an easy thing to find, or even define for that matter.

Should choosing a roommate be much different? If the person you cohabitate with can have an influence on important factors in our lives, why aren’t we spending as much time finding truly compatible roommates as we might spend finding a compatible life mate?

Same exact reason – Because compatibility with another human being is not an easy thing to find.

While “perfect” compatibility may not be achievable, we believe that personal compatibility should be. Through countless hours of research, and discussions with both subjects and subject matter experts, we are confident that we’ve developed the world’s best suite of tools to aid students in finding and selecting roommates with whom they are personally compatible.


So how’d we do it?


To accomplish this, we developed a closed-loop, social environment to be used solely by students of a particular university whom are interested in selecting their own roommates. To combat the privacy concerns of social networks like Facebook, we decided that the best way to ensure student privacy and data security was to develop our own, standalone network that could never be subject to the accessibility risks of Facebook. We then developed a suite of tools within our platform that student users would be familiar with using on other network (a Social Newsfeed, private & group messaging, friend groups, user profiles, and interest matching/searching capabilities), without the security and privacy concerns.

But that’s just the basics. What really sets My College Roomie apart is that we always go a step further. To do so, we developed a unique Matching Environment using My College Roomie’s proprietary & research-supported ICE-17 Machine-Learning Algorithm, which predicts personal compatibility between students utilizing 17 Elements of Interpersonal Compatibility. This algorithm learns each user’s unique preferences for their “ideal roommate,” and suggests other users who fit closest to those preferences. Students then have the ability to utilize all of the above-mentioned social tools to interact with other students identified as highly compatible, learn more about one another, and eventually make their mutual roommate selections – all within one environment.

Because the college roommate relationship is so important and can either start a student’s college experience off in an amazing way, or in a not-so-great way, we wanted to give students the best opportunity to have a great living relationship with their roommates – and to have the power to make their own decisions on who they’ll live with. Every single student that utilizes My College Roomie to select an amazing, compatible roommate, is one more tick mark in the Win Column for us and for our university Users.

“Compatibility” means something different to each of us, so we built a way for each and every student to set their own definition – and that’s what makes the difference.


Compatibility with another human being is not an easy thing to find, but boy are we good at making the search easier!


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